Prof. Endre Sashalmi has been awarded a prestigious prize


Our previous senior research fellow for the year of 2022, Prof. Endre Sashalmi, (Department of Medieval and Early Modern History, University of Pécs) has been awarded the prestigious Marc Raeff Book Prize for his work entitled Russian Notions of Power and State in a European Perspective 1462-1725: Assessing the Significance of Peter’s Reign (Boston, Academic Studies Press, 2022).




Nominated works for this prize are books which were published anywhere and in any language dealing with the period of Russian History falling between the last quarter of the 17th century and first quarter of the 19th century, and made lasting significance for the understanding of the period. Previous recipients of the prize were only North-American, British, Ukrainian and Russian authors. The official annunciation of the prize took place on 19 October at the annual virtual meeting of the association. The praise of the book can be read here.






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