Ludovika visits Cambridge

Professor Lord Norton of Louth: Conservatism and Conservative Success


A two days international program on British Intellectual Conservatism took place in Churchill College in the organisation of the University of Public Service. Ferenc Hörcher, research professor of the Research Institute of Politics and Government, the originator of the idea, co-organised it with ResPublica’s Phillip Blond, a visiting professor of our university and Daniel Pitt, an earlier external fellow of our institute. The initiative also enjoyed institutional support from Intercollegiate Studies Institute. On the Hungarian side, Ms Andrea Robotka (RIPG, Eötvös Research Centre, UPS) was responsible for the administration of the event.

The topic of the meeting was British Intellectual Conservatism: Past and Present. It took place in Churchill College, the college established by the most influential British conservative statesman of the 20th century. It lasted for two days, on 6-7th July, with sessions of 3-4 papers and three keynotes.

The event was a clear success, so we consider publishing the material in an edited form, in a collected volume. We also work on plans to organise the next meeting on the challenges of contemporary Anglo-Saxon conservatism in the USA next year.


You find the detailed program and the abstracts here, here and here.

Recordings of the event will be available soon.