Political Regimes: Democracy, Authocracy, Dictatorship

On 7th December 2022, the Thomas Molnar Research Institute of the JERC at the University of Public Service will stage its 5th Annual Conference on Political Theory and History of Political Ideas under the title Political Regimes: Democracy, Authocracy, Dictatorship. The conference will be held in the Zrínyi Room at the Ludovika Main Building, with several current and former researchers of the Research Institute for Politics and Government presenting their papers:


Attila Gyulai: On the Value of the Regime-Concept in Political Science and on Its Applicability in Politics

Ferenc Hörcher: The Virtue of Political Prudence and Its Theoretical Context in Baltasar Gracian

Miklós Könczöl: Milton’s Republic

Ádám Smrcz: „Un trés petit Politique” - Innocent Gentillet on the Types of Power, and on the Most Desirable Form of State

Ákos Tussay: Robert Filmer’s Critical Typology of Forms of State

Kálmán Tóth: Democratic Dictatorship? Lajos Kossuth on Efficient Government During Times of Emergency

Géza Vasas: Authoritarian Regimes from Inside. Miklós Kozma in the Horthy Era


The whole program is available here.

The language of the conference will be Hungarian, no translation will be provided.

Registration for the conference can be done via this link.


All are welcome.