The Anglophile Political Thinking in Hungary 1

You are cordially invited to a talk by Géza Jeszenszky (historian, professor, former Minister of Foreign Affairs), followed by a discussion on


The Anglophile Tradition in Hungary

In Memory of Tibor Frank (3 February 1948 – 15 September 2022)


This tradition is discernible throughout the history of Hungary. It stood for the ideas of parliamentarism, democracy, civil liberties and fair play – it was an ideal, an example to follow. It represented an alternative to dictatorship, totalitarianism in the 20th century. There was hope that it may provide political help in the fights for those values and institutions. English culture, esp. language has permeated Hungarian society and public opinion.


Time: 10 a.m, October 12, 2022

Venue: University of Public Service, Ludovika Campus (Ludovika tér 1), Side Building, 021 meeting room


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