George Schöpflin's talk at the University of Silesia



George Schöpflin gives a key-lecture at the online conference Tradition and Change. Scruton's Philosophy organized by the University of Silesia.


Title and time of the lecture: Democracy, Power and Complexity on 5 February 2021, at 4 pm CET.

Online registration form is available here.


The aim of the conference is to share knowledge and discuss the issues of social change and tradition. The guests of the meeting will be scholars and those representing various scientific disciplines, creators of artistic culture, journalists and students. They will be discussing issues related to Western civilization – religion, political philosophy, ethics, aesthetics and arts which Sir Roger Scruton (1944–2020) reflected upon and wrote about and in his numerous books.


  • 12.2.2021, Friday, 10 a.m CET – Lectio classica – Reading Aloud, Roger Scruton. Green Philosophy: How To Think Seriously About the Planet,

The Conference is organized by the Tradition Research Group of the University of Silesia as part of the Power of Tradition program supported by Interreg Czech Republic – Poland.










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