Open research webinar series at the Research Institute for Politics and Government

Research Institute for Politics and Government (Eötvös József Research Centre, National University of Public Service) cordially invites everyone to the open webinar series held every week according to the schedule below (constantly being updated).

One week before each webinar we put the abstract and the join link on our website and facebook page. The length of a single webinar is 15-20 minutes followed by a discussion of 30 minutes.






Form of the webinar

13 January, 10 am (CET)

Anna Tüskés (Institute of Literary Studies)

Gara László munkásságának kultúrpolitikai vonatkozásai

open research webinar 1
(in Hungarian)

20 January, 10 am (CET)

Eszter Kovács

Hierarchia, rend és szabadság Mary Astell politikai gondolkodásában

open research webinar 2.
(in Hungarian)

27 January 10 am (CET)


Research workshop

research workshop
(in Hungarian)

3 February 10 am (CET)

Valerio Severino
scholar, Sapienza University of Rome         

A Genealogy of Nationalism: the Religion of the Fatherland and its Rites in the Light of Comparative History

open research webinar 3.
(in English)

10 February 10 am (CET)

Tibor Navracsics
director of the European Strategy Research Institute

Döntéshozatal az Európai Bizottságban

open research webinar 4.
(in Hungarian)

17 February 10 am (CET)

Márton Soltész
research fellow

Egy mítosz anatómiája. Nagy Péter (1920–2010) irodalomtörténész életútjának politikai vonatkozásai

open research webinar 5.
(in Hungarian)

24 February 10 am (CET)


Research workshop

research workshop
(in Hungarian)













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